Professional Genealogy 

Blau Appraisal Company, which was formed in 1990 by Charles and Robert Blau, has deep roots in the real estate industry in New Jersey. The two brothers, both of whom are attorneys specializing in real estate tax appeal and condemnation are the fourth generation in their family that has been involved in the real estate profession. They have many years of affiliation with others who have been deeply rooted in the real estate appraisal sector. 


Leslie Blau, age 22, joins his father's real estate company, Edward Blau Inc. which was formed in the late 19th century. 


Franklin F. Hannoch leaves the firm of Edward Blau Inc. to become manager of the chain store leasing department of Louis Schlesinger Company. 


Leslie Blau joins the firm of Louis Schlesinger as vice-president of the chain store leasing department. 


Leslie Blau opens his own real estate office, Leslie Blau Company. 


Leslie Blau after his discharge from the US Air Corps as a Lt. Colonel is elected president of the Real Estate Board of Newark. 

Colonel Leslie Blau
Commanding Officer Washington National Airport


Franklin Hannoch Jr. joins Leslie Blau Company as a mortgage loan originator but leaves to join his father's Real Estate Appraisal Business. 


Edward Blau, Les's son, marries Barbara Goldsmith, niece of George Goldstein, MAI national president of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers. 


Edward L. Blau, after serving in the Korean War, joins his father's real estate business in the mortgage division. 


John Lasser joins Leslie Blau, his father-in-law, in real estate management and subsequently forms Blau Lasser Appraisal Company. 


Edward Blau forms Blau Mortgage Company. Leslie Blau Company, one of the largest and respected industrial real estate brokerage operations in New Jersey becomes a division of the newly created mortgage company.

 Three generations gather here for an informal portrait.
Standing are Edward L. Blau, Leslie Blau and John O. Lasser.
Seated are Mrs. E.L. Blau, Mrs. Leslie Blau and Mrs Lasser.
The children are Robert and Charles Blau, Ellen and Lynn Lasser.
Photo October 1958. Curtesy Suburban Life Magazine.


Edward Blau is elected president of the Real Estate Board of Newark. 


Edward Blau is elected vice president of the New Jersey Association of Real Estate Boards.


Blau Mortgage Company, including its 4 offices in New Jersey, Leslie BIau Co., and Blau Lasser Appraisal Company are acquired by Berg Enterprises, a publicly traded company with the largest residential real estate brokerage operation in New Jersey, a small industrial brokerage operation and Margaretten & Company a small mortgage company. Leslie Blau Company is merged with the Industrial Department of the Berg Agency to form The Blau & Berg Company with Leslie Blau as CEO, John Lasser, MAI and Edward Blau continue to head Blau Lasser Appraisal Company and Blau Mortgage Co. now subsidiaries of Berg Enterprises. 


Blau Mortgage Company is merged with Margaretten & Company and Edward Blau becomes Chief Administrative officer and Chief Operating Officer of the combined companies with 15 branch offices producing residential mortgages in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California. 


John Lasser,MAI, leaves Berg Enterprises to form John 0. Lasser Associates, Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants. 


Edward Blau is elected president of The Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey. 


Edward Blau receives the Certified Mortgage Banker designation of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America. This is the highest professional designation in mortgage banking. 


Edward Blau is elected to the board of Governors of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America. 


Edward Blau becomes president of Margaretten & Company, by then one of the largest mortgage banking firms in the nation a publicly owned company whose stock was traded on the NY Stock Exchange. In 1993 the company produced over 11.5 billion dollars of residential mortgages in 22 states. 


Charles Blau, Esquire son of Edward Blau joins his uncle in John O. Lasser Associates as a real estate appraiser. 


Robert Blau, Esquire elder son of Edward BIau becomes a Deputy Attorney General of the State of New Jersey. He is assigned to the Transportation Section and does condemnation law. Projects include acquisition of the missing link of I-287. 


Robert Blau becomes an associate in the law firm of Lasser Hochman, a firm known for its real estate expertise and Skollof and Wolfe a law firm specializing in real estate tax appeals. 


Charles Blau and Robert Blau form Blau Appraisal Company and Blau & Blau specializing in real estate tax appeals, condemnations and property valuation.


Charles Blau convinces the New Jersey Tax Court to lower assessment by 82% for vacant land from $1,313,000 to $236,000 because of presence of wetlands. Affirmed May 19th, 1993 by Appellate Division. In Federal Pater vs. East Rutherford 

Charles Blau convinces the New Jersey Tax Court to reduce assessment on 3,384.55 acres of land in half from $2,707,700 to $1,338,410. Affirmed September 22nd, 1992 by Appellate Division.  In Newark Watershed Corporation vs. Jefferson 


Charles Blau convinces New Jersey Tax Court to reduce assessment on 2,188.5 acres of land from $3,725,300 to $2,987,600. In Newark Watershed Corporation vs. Rockaway 

Charles Blau convinces the New Jersey Tax Court to reduce assessment on 2,680 acres of land by 30% from $4,556,200 to $3,159,900. Affirmed November 13th, 1995 by Appellate Division. In Newark Watershed Corporation vs. Hardyston 


Charles Blau convinces the New Jersey Tax Court to reduce assessment on 1,422 acres of land by 78% from $9,531,300 to $2,024,700. In East Orange vs. Livingston 


Charles Blau convinces U.S Bankruptcy Court to reduce 10 years of assessments totaling $90,160,000 to just $11,820,000. In Mocco vs. Jersey City 


Charles Blau convinces the New Jersey Tax Court to reduce assessment on minor league baseball stadium from $4,402,800 to $3,437,600. In Millennium Sports Management vs. Frankford 


Charles Blau convinces tax court to reduce assessment on corporate headquarters from $35,022,770 to $28,335,700. In Best Foods (CPC International) vs. Englewood Cliffs 


Charles Blau convinces jury in trial about breach of contract that despite Court's finding of breach of contract, there were no damages. In Central Paper and Berkowitz vs. Winnerman 

Charles Blau convinces U.S Bankruptcy Court that assessment on a 1,000,000 square foot former paper mill located on 100 acres on the Delaware River should be reduced from $7,663,400 to $1,500,000.
In Curtis Papers vs. Milford 

Charles Blau helps reduce tax assessment on mall located in condominium complex from $6,250,000 to $3,372,600.
In The Mall at the Galaxy vs. Gutenberg 

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