Robert D. Blau, Esq.

Robert Blau has been involved in real estate valuation issues in New Jersey since 1983, first as a Deputy Attorney General and then in private practice where he has concentrated on tax appeal and condemnation law.

Mr. Blau is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School and the University of Arizona where he holds a Masters of Science in Urban and Regional Planning. He has taken Appraisal Institute courses in Appraisal Principles, Capitalization I and II and the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice.

Since 1990, Mr. Blau has been senior partner in Blau & Blau, Attorneys at Law. Blau & Blau's practice is limited almost exclusively to tax appeal, condemnation and other matters involving property valuation. Mr. Blau was the attorney in a case before the New Jersey Supreme Court involving the public's right to obtain the state's property tax records in computer format. As a result, Blau Appraisal Company has what it believes to be the largest computerized data base of any appraisal company in New Jersey. Mr. Blau is the author of the tax appeal chapter in the Essex County Board of Taxations recent book "Traps for the Unwary".

Mr. Blau has testified before the New Jersey Superior Court and New Jersey Tax Court. Mr. Blau consults regularly with Blau Appraisal Company on questions of land use, wetlands, hazardous waste, highway access, historic preservation, and other issues of law as they relate to highest and best use and other appraisal issues. Blau Appraisal Company frequently consults with Mr. Blau with questions regarding court procedures and practice relating to appraisal issues.

Robert Blau is available to Blau Appraisal clients for advice on matters relating to procedure and practice in the New Jersey Tax Court, county boards of taxation and condemnation cases in Superior Court. Mr. Blau is also available for consultation on issues involving appraisal evidence, cross-examination, and trial strategy.

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